Unlike traditional archery, PAL will be played as team events. Each team shall consist of ten players one of them shall be captain. There will be a toss between two teams. Toss winning team captain has to choose either shooting side or challenge side.

Shooting Side:

The shooting team captain has to send 2 to 5 players on the ground to hit the bullseye target. Captain has to decide that at which shooting square yard a player has to stand and to shoot an arrow. Each player is allowed to shoot a maximum of 30 arrows in a match, hence, a team gets 300 arrows in the match. Challenging Side:

Challenger team has three roles to play.

  • To give a challenge.
  • To give a bullseye target.
  • To distract the player.

Bullseye Target:

This is the target where a player needs to hit to get a point. Each bullseye target will be moving from Point A to Point B and reverse. A player will get 180 seconds to hit bullseye target. On the completion of 180 seconds, bullseye target will be replaced with a new bullseye target as given by the challenging team. Each team has to play 15 bullseye target in the match.


An arrow has to pass through the challenge before hitting the bullseye target. Each challenge will be moving from point A to point B and reverse. Challenge will also move for 180 seconds. On the completion of 180 seconds, the challenge will be replaced with a new challenge as given by the challenging team.


The Challenging team will distract a player with/without using external devices. Sledging, comment, dialogues etc. are part of the distraction. The opponent player can target specific / or group of players for distraction.


A point will be allotted to a player on hitting of the bullseye target. Apart from the regular point, Bonus point like 2X, 3X, Robinhood Bonus, Eklavya Bonus, Bounce Arrow Bonus, will be allotted to a player on achieving it.


Each team consists of 10 players.

Base on Equipment: Four players will be using a compound bow and Six players will be using either recurve or wooden bow. There (should be ‘They’) are free to use any arrow.

Base on Gender: One woman player is compulsory in each category.

Base on Nationality: Maximum four players are allowed under the foreign player category.

Base on State: Minimum two players are compulsory from the State.