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Pro Archery League

Archery is one of the oldest sport in the world which has a fan follower throughout the world. Archery is played in various forms like Target Archery, Field Archery, Clout Archery, Flight Archery, Combat Archery & Bullseye Archery.

Pro Archery League is based on the concept of Bullseye Archery which has a salient feature like a team event, Moving Challenge, Moving Bullseye Target, Ethical way to instigate shooter to miss the bullseye target and free style of play. This resultant into uncertainty in the match result, nail-biting thrill, fun & entertainment both at player & spectator level.

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How it works?

Unlike traditional archery, PAL will be played as team events. Each team shall consist of ten players one of them shall be captain. There will be a toss between two teams. Toss winning team captain have the choice to choose either shooting side or challenge side.


Each team is consists of 10 players.

Team in
First Battle

Eight teams are participating in the first Battle of the PAL.

No. Of Matches in
the First Battle

Each team have to play seven matches under Round Robin Method.


1st Prize money will be of INR 10 million along with championship trophy.